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The importance of Branding your business through social media

Updated: Mar 17

Social Media has never been so Important. Every day more and more businesses start advertising on Social Networks, as it just keeps growing. If your business is not advertising on Social Media you are missing out.

Building an online presence for your company is one of the most important things to do, and Social Media is the first place to go when trying to do so.

So…How does Social Media help my company?

Well, It's Simple. These days everyone is on Social Media. According to Social Media Today, The average person spends 116 minutes a day on Social Media. Social Media has become the place to be for engaging with customers and people in general. Social Media builds trust, trust builds happy customers, and happy customers is what’s gonna get you sales. Being able to engage and communicate with your customers is the magic and importance of Social Media, and if your not taking advantage, you definitely should.

Increase your brands visibility

Social Media isn’t only used for interacting, communicating, and building trust with customers. As you probably already know, it can help you find new leads. Which leads me to talk about the importance of Advertising on Social Media. 3.48 Billion People are using Social Media (and its only growing) thats a lot of people to reach! Paid advertising on Social Networks is a must. There are too many people interested in your business that you should be trying to reach out too, however paid advertising isn’t the only way to reach people through Social Media. Which leads me to my next topic.

#Hashtags Yes, they work.

This question seems to come up a lot. Do hashtags work? The answer is YES! Hashtags are powerful. Social Networks are starting to allow people to follow certain hashtags, which can help you create free leads by just typing a keyword related to the clientele you are trying to attract. It's that simple. People search through hashtags of their Interest. Sell kitchen Products? Might wanna use the Hashtag #KitchenProducts. That will allow all the people following and going through the Hashtag #KitchenProducts to see your post. Chances are people going through the Hashtag #KitchenProducts could very well be Interested in what you have to offer.

Advertising, Promoting and Engaging through Social Media can be very time consuming and difficult. Luckily for you 179Social is here to help! 179Social is a Social Media marketing agency. We are Social Media experts and are here to help you brand and Promote your Business through Social Media check out our Social Media packages and get started today!


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