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Instagram and Facebook Page management - How its done, the right way

Updated: Mar 17

Instagram and Facebook are known as the two Main Social Networks of the day. Knowing how to properly manage them can be an important part in engaging with your existing customers and creating leads.

How do I Professionally Manage my Facebook Page?

Facebook is the Social Network with the most users as of today. Your Business having an active Profile, Professionally managed is Crucial.

Here is how to Professionally Manage your Instagram and Facebook page

Step 1 - Content

High Quality Content is important for your Social Media presence. Make sure your Designs stand out to your Audience.

Step 2 - Use Insights

Data is Key. Facebook and Instagram give the necessary Data to know what your audience is engaging with and what they’re not. Which gives you a good perspective on the content you should be putting out.

Step 3 - Commenting

Ever see a random account posting a comment with a thumbs up, or a Some other emojis. This is a well known Social Media Marketing trick.

How does the this trick work? It’s very simple. Say you are trying to reach an audience which has an interest in Art. What you would need to do is go to Hashtags to the liked of #Art and leave a comment on every post related to art. This trick helps you grow your Followers and your Social Community.

Step 4 - Social Media Page Optimization

Make sure your Social Media Pages are optimized. Many might not be familiar with what it means to have you Social Media Pages Optimized, let me explain. Take Facebook for example, You want to have your Contact information, A good banner on your page and your description explaining your Business, Brand, Product, Service or Whatever it may be.

For Instagram you wanna have a description of a couple of sentences with the link to your website, followed by good Content, of Course.

Step 5 - Hashtags

Hashtags are very important when it comes to Social Media Marketing. They can be very effective and create new leads. Learn more about the importance of using Hashtags.

Step 6 - Responding to Comments

Responding to comments is how you engage with your customers. Interacting with your customers is key. Your comment section should definitely be Monitored.

Now that you have a Basic understanding of how your Social Media Pages should be managed, you might have trouble finding the time to get it done. Creating Content, Commenting and Monitoring your Social Networks in General can be very time consuming, However it is important.

Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency will solve this problem for you. 179Social is here to help with professionally Marketing and Managing your Social Presence.

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