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How to Hire the Right Social Media Agency

Updated: Mar 17

There are many things to know before choosing the Right Social Media Management Agency.

Let me fill you in on What Many Social Media Agencies are hiding from you.

There are many Agencies that are about producing Content, and Nothing else. They will create Posts, along with a caption, some hashtags and Voila. Well, Social Media Marketing is more to that.

Publishing Content a few times a week, along with a caption and some hashtags isn’t whats gonna increase your leads and grow your Business, It does happen to be a key part, however theres more to it.

Its important to Find a Social Media Agency that not only Produces High Quality Content, but also builds leads and a community through a Businesses Social Media Profiles.

Another thing to look out for is a Strategy. Is the Social Media Agency I’m about to hire implementing a Unique Strategy for my Business? If not, you may want to reconsider.

Theres a lot of Strategy involved in Social Media Marketing. Being able to contact your agency at all times is very important. Many Agencies will give a “Monthly Call” or a “Weekly Call” and you will have a hard time contacting them outside of those “Planned Calls”. At 179Social our clients get a Strategy Focused Call once a Month. However our clients are able to contact us at any given time.

179Social starts by learning how your Business Works and Functions. We than set a Strategic Plan in place for all of our Clients. We are Social Media Experts, and we are determined to get you Results, Sales, and Build a community of your own through Social Media.

179Social has managed nearly all categories of Businesses. We have experience in almost every field, and were ready to help you grow your Business through Social Media!


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