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6 Ways To Generate More Social Media Traffic

Updated: Mar 17

High Quality Design and Content that Stand out

Design is what captures the eye. The more appealing your Design is, the higher chances that someone scrolling through a Hashtag or someone coming across one of your Advertisements will stop, take a look at, and acknowledge your post.


Commenting is a key part of Communicating and its a critical factor in how we engage through the Social Web.

Although responding to comments might not Generate new Traffic to your Social Networks, commenting on other peoples posts (related to yours) Definitely helps when it comes to Generating new Traffic!

Promote Sharing your Content

You should definitely include small statements to the likes of “Tag Friends” “Leave a Like” Try to Leave a question in your Caption in order to engage with your Existing Audience and asking your Audience to generally share your Content. A good piece of Content, well shared, can create the snowball Effect.

Advertise your Content

Advertising is always important, but it plays an even bigger factor when your starting out and don’t have a large Audience, or an Audience at all. So, when your just getting things started, you should Definitely consider launching a small ad, and make sure to do it the right way. This step is tricky. Hiring an Agency will help you make sure this step is done, the right way.

Share your own Content

Its very important to share your own Content not only on Social Media, but on your website as well. Make sure to re-share your content on Facebook and Linkedin and Include links to your Social Networks on your Website.

Be Active and Stay Active

Staying active on Social Media is very time consuming, and its why many Businesses Hire an Agency to take care of their Social Networks. Staying active and consistent on Social Media is Key.

Need Help staying active or with anything related to Social Media Marketing? 179Social will be more than happy to help! Contact us at support@179Social.com or give us a Call at 305-974-0105


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